Asha Vattikuti

Artistic Choreographer/producer Asha Vattikuti is the founder/ Director of Indian Dance Educators Association. She is the artistic director of the dance company "Kathakas" devoted to the art of Kathak dance, classical dance style from India. She has spent a lifetime studying and teaching the art of Kathak dance for which she received an award as Master Artist from the Heritage Foundation of State of Virginia. She has been teaching Kathak for past 20 years, first in Detroit, MI and later in Washington area.She has trained several young dancers to a professional level

  • She has produced and choreographed several dance productions using Kathak with some leading dancers of India such as "Megh Dut" based on the short poem by the 4th century poet Kalidasa, with the world famous Pundit Birju Maharaj, "Vikramaditya" the legend of the powerful emperor Chandra Gupta II, during the "Golden Age" of India, with Mrs. Maya Rao.
  • She presented "On the Banks of Jamuna" a Kathak program tracing the history of Kathak dance at the "Darpana" IDEA Dance Festival 1999.
  • Asha continues to create and experiment, using her long experience in the field of dance. She has produced and directed dance productions using various styles of Indian dance. These are "Awakening : The story of Creation Of Universe" a production comparing the theories of modern Physics and the ancient Hindu texts, "Colors of India", "Raj Darbar" dances from the royal courts of India, and "Urvashi" the love story of the celestial dancer and the mortal king Pururuvas.
  • Her productions "Panch Bhut: Elements of Nature" and "Taal: Life Rhythms" were funded by Arlington County and presented at the Dance Festival of India 2003 and 2005.
  • She received the Kennededy Center Local Dance Commissioning Project Award for 2006 for her production Gul-E-Bakawali, a collaborative venture using Kathak, Persian, and Egyptian dance styles. The production was premiered at the Millennium Stage in September 2006.